NEVERTOOLATE Films is proposing a special DVD release of our Film Festival version of the film Six Man, Texas – A story of the REAL Friday night lights. This release will be for Six Man coaches only and will be a Special Pre-Release version of the film, with its own DVD cover and special insert.

The purpose of this special release is to provide Six Man coaches a way to show the film to their student athletes prior to football season. We have received numerous requests for a way to show the film to the athletes and this initiative is a way to do that.

If this is of interest to you we will create a Special DVD Release to sell to the Coaches and their assistants and staff ONLY subject to the following conditions and considerations:

1. This is NOT a version that can be shown to the public or to the whole school or town in a public setting and we ask everyone respect this intent.

2. This is a limited production run of 250 and we must have commitments to sell at least 200 to be able to afford to make this Special DVD Release available.

3. The coaches are asked to limit the showing to their student athletes, close friends and families in a private setting.

4. The film cannot be shown to the general public in any setting.

5. The film cannot be downloaded or copied.

We truly want to make this Special Run available and will trust the coaches, players and families to respect this intention and hope they all enjoy the film.

If this is of interest to everyone, please email me a request for a DVD, with the names of the coaches, assistant coaches, ADs or other staff who are requesting a DVDs and the name of the school the coaches are representing. This offer applies to both Public and Private Six Man Schools.

Time is of the essence and I need commitments as soon as possible so we can start the production run, duplication and artwork. Please email commitments, names and number of copies needed to Alan Barber. I will send back via email a confirmation and an invoice. Payment can be made by check or money order only as we are not yet set up to process credit cards. We hope to have that in place by the time of our First release in late November 2008 or early 2009.

Since this is a very small and special production run our costs will be significantly higher than our November release. The cost of each DVD for this special run will be $24 and is payable by check or money order only. Please mail to:


Attn: Alan Barber
1304 South Sixth
Austin TX 78704

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