"At their best, sports are the face of a community and the source of much civic pride. For the small towns whose sons (and a few daughters) play six-man football, the poignant and haunting SIX MAN, TEXAS reflects how that pride can all-too-easily disappear, like the towns themselves, into the west Texas desert." March 29, 2008

Merle Bertrand
Film Threat

"SIX MAN, TEXAS is a poignant and powerful homage to a way of life too often overlooked and too fast disappearing. This is a sparkling gem of a documentary, done with small-town Texas warmth and grace..." Nov. 11, 2007

Carlton Stowers
Author, Where Dreams Die Hard

Video interviews after the Cast, Crew, and Media Screening in Austin, TX. Nov. 11, 2007

"For those whose impression of Texas and Texas football is overly influenced by a certain network television show, SIX MAN, TEXAS will bring you back to reality." Nov. 13, 2007
David Barron
Houston Chronicle

Four DVRs, no waiting: A TV and radio blog

"It's got a lot of heart, I loved it. It tells a really important story." Nov. 11, 2007
Stacey Schoolfield
Producer, jumping off bridges

"First time out, and you hit a home run..." Nov. 5, 2007
Teresa Burkett Bourgoise
Los Angeles
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